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Building a Portfolio Career

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Remodeling When Going Through Mid Life Transition

Guest post by Amanda Thomas

Mid-life transition is something that almost everyone must  go through. It takes place around your 40s (give or take a decade) and it is a  natural part of life, one that does not necessarily imply having any kind of  “crisis.” However, the word crisis is commonly associated with the adult  mid-life period. This is because middle age is a time in which adults begin to  take on new and important responsibilities, which in turn compels them to reappraise  their previous and current life styles and choices.
Mid-life is a time of  reassessment and change, which can surely cause severe stress, but can also be  a great opportunity for taking on new and exciting projects. Home remodeling is  just one of the many things that adults can focus on when they reach middle  age. There comes a point when you begin to notice that your wallpaper is  outdated, or that your chairs and couches are much harder on your joints and  back. You’ve worked hard all your life to have a home, so why not have some fun  with it? Now that you have time to think about what it is you want to have in  your life, it’s a perfect time for a mature home remodeling project. Here are  some tips to keep in mind!

What Do You Want Out  of Your Home?

It’s good to start by considering what home remodeling  projects you’ve always wanted to take on, but haven’t had the time for thus  far. Have marble kitchen countertops been a dream of yours for many years that  you just haven’t gotten around to? Or maybe you’ve wanted to change your  flooring for a while. Sit down and take some time to figure out what you want  your home to look like. Figure out what style you want to go for, the  aesthetics and attitude that you want your home to portray. Let yourself have a  vision and do not be afraid of trying out new things. It’s your home, after  all, and it should look exactly how you imagine.

The Big Elements of  Your Home Interior Design

The interior design of your home is one of the most fun  aspects of a home remodeling project. Here are some of the big elements of your  interior home design that you should consider carefully.


  Regardless of what flooring option you want, be sure to  explore other possibilities in the planning period. You never know what you  might end up liking. Take the time to shop around and consult with your local  home improvement store experts. One great way to customize your existing floors  is to add decorative rugs. Rugs are very versatile; they let you change the  color and patterning of your floor easily, so that it can go with whatever  overall interior décor style you want.


  Your windows are another important element of your home and  one that can have as huge of an effect on your remodeling project as your  walls. One of the keys to window décor is the window dressings, such as the  curtains, shades and/or blinds you install; many people like to upgrade to  versatile flat roman shades from their standard blinds when they remodel their home. Take your  time to explore all the options, and you’ll see that each type of window  dressing lends its own unique attitude to the interior design of a room.  Whether you end up with custom made roman shades or traditional wooden blinds, new window treatments will make  a big difference in the overall result of your home remodeling project.

Kitchen and Baths

  Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most trafficked  rooms in your home, so you’ll definitely want to pay special attention to them.  They can also be some of the most expensive parts of a home remodeling project.  Since many kitchens and bathrooms are shaped differently than other areas of  your home, you may need to find specialty cabinets, hand-cut tiles, and custom blinds, which can add to the  price. Make sure to shop around plenty before making decisions, and look online  for guides on how to get more for your money with handy interior design  strategies. If you are willing to look for it, you can find plenty of  information and creative ideas online.

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  1. Thanks for adding this article to your site. My husband and I are building a new home from the ground up and hope to complete it before "midlife" is a memory of when we were young!