Build a Portfolio Career

Building a Portfolio Career

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Improve your mid-life memory - simple!

Are you forgetful? Here’s something that will help you …

Do you sometimes walk from one end of the house to the other then forget why you’re there? Do you go upstairs to fetch something, take something else with you ‘because you’re going upstairs’, then return without doing the thing that you went to do in the first place?  You do? You’re not alone. Most of us suffer from the same problems and this doesn’t get any better as we go through mid life – that’s the bad news.
The good news is that there is a free product on the internet which will help you to remember those things that you don’t want to forget. It’s extremely easy to use and you can use it on the internet through a browser, or download some software to use directly on your laptop.

The name of this nifty little item is Evernote (

You can use Evernote to capture your ideas, snapshots, voice memos, save interesting web pages with the click of a mouse  and just about anything else that you want to remember. You can photograph a favourite restaurant menu, for example, or an article that you see in a magazine while you’re waiting to see the doctor. Save it in Evernote and you’ve got it for ever (or until you delete it). All of the items that you save can be labelled and sorted so that they’re easy to find.

Evernote also has the ability to recognize printed and handwritten text within snapshots and images. Try it. Take a photo of a street sign, wine label, or business card. Add it to your Evernote account, give it a few minutes to process, then search for the text.

It’s a very handy piece of software and recommended to Mid Lifers everywhere.

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