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Building a Portfolio Career

Friday, October 15, 2010

A gift for people who like puzzles

Do you have a friend or relative who likes puzzles or brainteasers? They could be in midlife, a little older or a lot younger. Here is a great fun gift which is both practical and provides an amusing talking point - the mathematical clock. I have one of these and I can guarantee that people will be absorbed by it when they realise how it works.

Each number on the clock is represented by a mathematical equation - work out the equation to reveal the number. Of course, you know what the number will be by its position on the clock face - which makes it all the more frustrating when you know the answer but can't work out the equation! (hint: ask a 10 year old ...)

The clock comes in two styles - 'blackboard' and 'graph paper' - both of which are designed to complement the 'old school' theme.

If you're looking for something different to buy for one of those people that is difficult to buy for, perhaps The Mathematical Clock is the answer.

For more information, click here - a great fun gift for Birthdays or Christmas.
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  1. Hi Rob - it's great to connect with you again. Let's face it ... we're blogging challenge addicts. And I'm pretty sure there's a support group out there somewhere for us. :)

    These mathematical clocks are quite interesting but I'm going to tell you a secret ... I hated math in school! Just looking at the faces of these uniquely-designed clocks takes me back to high school math class. Help!!

    Would make a great gift for all those math lovers in the world.

    Got anything for a language arts lover? *Grin*


  2. Hi Melania,
    Nice to hear from you. I wasn't great at maths either but the clocks are a great talking point and a bit of fun - particularly when a visiting child can explain the calculations to their parents!
    all the best