Build a Portfolio Career

Building a Portfolio Career

Friday, December 10, 2010

10 Ways to Secure your Midlife Career

Are you worried about losing your job? Many people have this fear and in the coming months, more and more people will be asking themselves the same question. If you are in this position, what should you do?
Firstly, ask yourself if this is a real fear or an unjustified reaction to the current economic climate. Most jobs, in fact, will not disappear and most people will remain in their current employment. You may be worrying unnecessarily. 
If your job security fears are grounded in reality, here are 10 ways that can help you to come out on top:
  • Make yourself indispensable
  • Do a SWOT on yourself – your Strengths and Weaknesses. What are the Threats to you and what are your Opportunities?
  • Take a Personality Test – understand what makes YOU tick
  • Research the market for your talents
  • Network 
  • Upskill
  • Understand your rights
  • Discuss the situation with your partner
  • Review your finances
  • Think what you really want to do with the rest of your life
Being made redundant in midlife is not the end of the world. It really can be the kick that you have needed to make the move and do what you really want to do with the rest of your life. You will never have a better opportunity to take the leap and give it a try. You don’t want to be going to your grave regretting that you wasted the best opportunity that you had!

Rob Horlock has established The Mid Life Opportunity (, a community for people in Midlife. Advice and Guidance is available from The Mid Life Coaching Panel. It’s free to join - click here


  1. Great suggestions, Rob. I always like to believe there's a way to resolve every problem in life.

    I'm in a peculiar situation regarding my job(s). There's absolutely no threat or fear of losing any one of my three part time jobs. But I'm gearing up to say goodbye to them anyway. I've been working my fanny off for almost 40 years to make other people rich and it hasn't always been a bucketful of fun.

    Due to the nature of my jobs (won't bore you with the details), I don't have a retirement plan of any kind, no health insurance, no benefits whatsoever. Not good.

    So I'm doing online marketing in my spare time (Ha-Ha) to create a stable, lasting career for myself ... and one that I love! At this point in my life, I really need to stop working for others because it's not helping me one bit to plan for the future.

  2. Hi Melanie,

    I know the feeling - I have 2 part time jobs. They pay the bills but the future is in making online work. Slow progress for me, but progress nonetheless. Bring on 2011!