Build a Portfolio Career

Building a Portfolio Career

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Midlife Memory Lapses ...

I need to phone a friend. I go upstairs to get my mobile phone. As I’m going upstairs I take up some letters to put on my desk. Having put the letters on the desk,  I come back downstairs and go to the garage to get a hammer to put up the picture that my wife has been asking me to hang for ages.

As I’m going to garage I take out a tin of paint which I store on a shelf. I decide to mow the lawn – it’s a nice sunny day and the lawn is beginning to look scruffy. I wheel out the mower and spend the next 30 minutes walking up and down the lawn. When the grass box is full, I detach it from the mower and carry it over to the compost bin. I take off the cover and empty the mowings into the bin. This is repeated three times. On the way back to the lawn after the third trip, I notice that a bush needs pruning – I get the pruning shears out of the shed and prune the bush. I then finish mowing the lawn.

I also need to trim the edge of the lawn. I find the long handled shears in the shed and trim the edges.  Then I notice that the bird feeders need to be filled. I put down the shears and get a bag of bird food. I fill all of the feeders.

My wife calls out from the house to remind me to go to the Post Office. I go to the garage to change out of my gardening shoes and see the hammer that I came out to get an hour ago.
Since I’m going to the Post Office, I’ll call in at the shop on the way. I call in at the shop, buy the groceries and drive home.

After arriving home I go upstairs to check my emails and notice my mobile phone lying on the desk. I remember that I was going to phone my friend. I ring the number and as I’m waiting for him to reply I look out of the window. I see an open compost bin, which I should have closed, the mower, the pruning shears and the long handled shears all on the lawn, which should have been put away and a large bag of bird food, which should also have been put back where it belongs.

My wife shouts up the stairs to ask me when I’m going to hang the picture and why I haven’t posted her parcel.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

If you recognise these symptoms, you too may be suffering from MADD – Midlife Attention Deficit Disorder. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and all of your friends and family will be exhibiting the same symptoms before too long!
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