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Building a Portfolio Career

Friday, June 18, 2010

Questions about Facebook - help please!

This isn’t the blog that I was planning to write today, but …

I am hoping that someone in the blogosphere will read this and help me with a problem which, I suspect, affects a lot of others, not just me!

I have a Facebook personal page and my avatar is an image of my cat Coco:

I have now set up a separate page for The Mid Life Opportunity, using a picture of me, to show that I exist…J

When I ‘Like’ other people’s Fan Pages, Coco appears as the avatar, not me. This shows that I am visiting the page as my Personal profile not my Page profile.

Is there any way that I can amend my settings so that I can keep my personal ‘Likes’ separate from my business ‘Likes’?

Similarly, my blog updates appear on my personal page as well as my Fan Page, despite me having adjusted the privacy settings (as far as I can see).

If any of you Facebook experts could help me with this, to separate what my personal 'friends' see and my business 'friends' see, I’d be very appreciative!
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  1. I hear your pain and I hope someone will help as I have this problem sometimes. Facebook does have some help topics about managing fan pages but I don't find them very useful! Yesterday I tried to make a post at my Be-Happier "like" page and got an error message that I didn't have the right to do it. Aargh.

  2. Facebook is having some issue (yesterday and today) - so that could be part of the problem???

    I set up a fan page, but don't use it - so afraid I can't be of much help on that one.

  3. Rob ~

    I would head straight for Michele Scism's site (Decisive Minds dot com) and present your dilemma to her. She just did an awesome teleseminar on Facebook fan pages and I think she's the perfect go-to person for you!

    Michele is a member of our 30-day blogging challenge.


  4. Hey Rob!

    Facebook is very unfriendly like that. I'm no expert but I can tell you what I've experienced and learned so far.

    If you want to like a page then it's your personal profile that will do that. A page cannot like something. A page is a page and not a profile to like something through. BUT you can add a page/group/app to your fanpage's 'favorites'.

    That is the only way I know of that you can separate biz likes and personal likes.

    One other option is to create a completely new facebook profile under the business name.

    As per blog updates, that depends how you set it up. If you are the admin of the fanpage then any updates there will show up on your personal feed since you own that page. Again, you could eliminate that by creating a business only profile.

    For example, I have two FB profiles. One for only business related stuff and one just for my personal pictures, sites, feeds, fun stuff,ect ...

    I wrote about the facebook duality here ( if you're interested :)

    If you have any other facebook questions feel free to contact me via twitter (@piotrkrzyzek) and I'll try to answer your FB questions as best I can!

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks very much for the help guys, much appreciated> I will follow up the suggestions.