Build a Portfolio Career

Building a Portfolio Career

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So what is The Mid Life Opportunity?

Yesterday I said that I would explain a little more about the aims of The Mid Life Opportunity. So here goes …
In the UK, there are about 20 million people who would class themselves as ‘middle aged’. As people move through their lives, they are affected in different ways. Success in life brings more choice, a brighter future and the potential of a happy retirement. An unfulfilled life, though, leaves fewer options as we grow older. Finances may be tight, relationships may be under strain or broken, our career may not have peaked at the heights that we hoped for in our younger years. As we grow older, many of us find that spiritualism and religion begins to have more meaning. We may feel the need to emigrate and settle in a new country. Our health may be declining and retirement looms ever nearer – are we prepared for this?
Many people in the middle years of their lives find themselves at a crossroads. 
Big decisions have to be made before it is too late in life to make the changes. For some, the decisions made at this point open up a whole new world of opportunities, greater satisfaction and financial stability. For others, the decisions may not go to plan and a ‘mid life crisis’ develops which can often lead to more wrong decisions and long term decline.
As the decade progresses, many more people will find themselves having to make these crucial decisions, primarily as a result of redundancy, inadequate financial provision or relationship breakdown.
The Mid Life Opportunity ( aims to pull together all aspects of ‘mid life’ into one central website and provide stimulation, advice, guidance and support in all these areas. Oh, and a splash of humour to keep everyone amused along the way.
A panel of coaches is being recruited (if you are interested and outside of the UK, you are very welcome to join) to offer the advice and guidance to The Mid Life Opportunity members.
As I said yesterday, we are aiming to go live in August and we will have one of two surprises as part of the launch package – watch this space!
Once again, if you have any questions about me or The Mid Life Opportunity, please ask!
The Mid Life Opportunity ( is a community for Mid Lifers. Advice and Guidance will soon be available from The Mid Life Coaching Panel. It’s free to join so what are you waiting for?

Please take 1 minute to complete the 2010 Mid Life Survey: 
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