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Building a Portfolio Career

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introduction to me and The Mid Life Opportunity

Those of you who have been following my recent posts about various aspects of midlife may be surprised to see an increase in my output over the coming weeks. I should explain that I have joined the June 30 Day Blog Challenge, which requires me to post 30 articles during the month of June!
This is the first post in June and I will use it to introduce myself to the other members of the 30 Day Challenge and to bring my regular readers up to date with progress on The Mid Life Opportunity. So what about me and what is The Mid Life Opportunity?

My name is Rob Horlock and I live in The New Forest which is in Hampshire in the UK. You may have come across The New Forest before as it’s one of the few places in England where ponies, cattle, donkeys and pigs wander freely – including across the roads!

I am the founder of The Mid Life Opportunity, a community website for people in midlife. I will tell you more about the aims of The Mid Life Community in my next post (which will be tomorrow …) The website is currently being built and I’m hoping to have my first look at the CRM system next week – exciting! I will then be able to start populating the website pages. We are aiming to go live in August 2010 which is getting ever closer.

If you would like to know a little more about The Mid Life Opportunity and how it can help midlifers everywhere, we have a holding page on the site –

My posts during the coming month will be a mixture of articles relating to midlife and some of my observations about life in general.

That’s about it for today. If you have any questions about me or The Mid Life Opportunity, please ask!
The Mid Life Opportunity ( is a community for Mid Lifers. Advice and Guidance will soon be available from The Mid Life Coaching Panel. It’s free to join so what are you waiting for? Click here

Please take 1 minute to complete the 2010 Mid Life Survey: 
Click here


  1. Hi Rob
    Lovely to connect with you via #blog30. I did Connie Green's blog 30 in April. It was amazing. I hope you enjoy the challenge. You'll certainly see lots more traffic to your site and wonderful opportunities - and if that's not enough, you'll meet some wonderful new friends too.
    Heather :-)

  2. Thanks Heather - it'll be interesting to see how many UK entrants there are. Maybe just you and me!

  3. Hi Rob - great to have you on board! Excellent way of introducing yourself. I'm past mid-life by some definitions...LOL..but am still intrigued with your site. Glad you're joining us.


  4. Good luck Rob! May the 30 day challenge bring no mid-life gray hairs (also known as ultra blondes) and much traffic. Quail, jackrabbits and waaaay too many rodents bound across our property here in Santa Barbara. No pigs though.