Build a Portfolio Career

Building a Portfolio Career

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Win 1 million dollars! Your prediction is ... ?

On Friday 11th June, football’s World Cup will kick off in South Africa; the world’s largest sporting event.
On Saturday 12th June, England play the USA. What is your prediction for the score? 3-0 to England? 4-1 to the USA?
Predict the correct score and become the King or Queen of ‘Across the Pond Pundits!’
As a bit of fun, please add your prediction of the score as a comment on this blog. All predictions placed up until the time of the kick off will be included in the competition. The winner(s) will receive a very valuable prize of a gold crown (jpg or png) and 1 million, yes I million! Zimbabwean dollars (photocopied - rates of exchange may vary on a daily basis but the cost of conversion may outweigh the value of the prize …)
To give you some guidance, the current odds are as follow:
England 1 USA 0: 9/2
England 2 USA 0: 11/2
England 2 USA 1: 7/1
England 0 USA 1: 14/1
England 0 USA 2: 35/1
England 1 USA 2: 19/1
England 1 USA 1: 6/1
England 2 USA 2: 16/1
England 5 USA 0: 50/1
England 0 USA 5: 500/1
My prediction, for what it’s worth, is a 2:2 draw – which will give England the necessary kick up the *ss to go on and reach the final!
The name of the winner(s) will be published to millions?, thousands?, hundreds? of Twitter followers on Monday 14th June.
Please tweet this message to all of your followers to encourage as many predictions as possible.
Happy predicting!
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